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Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisici elit, sed eiusmod tempor incidunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Idque Caesaris facere voluntate liceret: sese habere. Magna pars studiorum, prodita quaerimus. Magna pars studiorum, prodita quaerimus. Fabio vel iudice vincam, sunt in culpa qui officia. Vivamus sagittis lacus vel augue laoreet rutrum faucibus.

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Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisici elit, sed eiusmod tempor incidunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Idque Caesaris facere voluntate liceret: sese habere. Magna pars studiorum, prodita quaerimus. Magna pars studiorum, prodita quaerimus. Fabio vel iudice vincam, sunt in culpa qui officia. Vivamus sagittis lacus vel augue laoreet rutrum faucibus.

Nihilne te nocturnum praesidium Palati, nihil urbis vigiliae. Non equidem invideo, miror magis posuere velit aliquet. Qui ipsorum lingua Celtae, nostra Galli appellantur. Prima luce, cum quibus mons aliud consensu ab eo. Petierunt uti sibi concilium totius Galliae in diem certam indicere.

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  1. Beinart is about as unhip as some of you: Sarah is not an intellectual, she’s a comedian. But she’s saying in an absurd, vulgar way that she can out-trick Adelson, customer of whores Romney and Gingrich. She’s saying she’ll help her man Obama, who’s not the natural whore like the others. It’s basically a campaign ad, not an analysis of Israeli/American politics, like you (and Peter) would prefer.

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  5. Having been a drill coordinator for a few years back in my days in the fleet… when the choice was "drill safety" vs. "drill realism" we ALWAYS chose the former.Rule #1 when conducting drills…. Murphey's army is out to get you… so you have to make allowance that everything that can go wrong will in fact, probably go wrong.That was our"big boy rules"SSN VET

  6. If you want absolute impartiality, we’d better start nominating robots.Seriously though, you cannot take one snippet of a speech to assess whether or not she is “giving equal weight to all people regardless of sex or race” or not. Look at her record.

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  8. 4-17-2012 Este post tan bacano no podía quedar sin comentarios! Agacho la cabeza al pensar que NUNCA he jugado el X, yo que he jugado y doblado I, III, IV, V, VI, VII, XII, XIII, mistic quest, sólo jugado el II, VIII, IX, y Dirge of Cerberus.Sólo puedo opinar que el más mostro y memorable ha sido el siete.Gran post!

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  11. What is the methodology? If there are floods and crop is 100 % destroyed over certain area, is it still calculated in this "per acre"? I.e. is it calculated as total yields per total area planted?I am also interested how this trend will continue given the over-use of soils and over-use of ground water (still ignoring CC and PO)

  12. yo de aoi exorcit (?) me lei los primero 3 tomos de ahi no he salido! D; awww!y ya tengo tu spoiler en mente xDLOLen fin… sobre hunterxhunter el otro dia no mas veia sobre el manga! :O muchas cosas, aun recuerdo cuando chica lo veia en television y concuerdo contigo la saga de Green Island es la peor! D: me aburrio y me salte a los ultimos capitulos xD pa puro saber que onda pasaba xD y me decepciono ;O; quien pense que apareceria nunca aparecio… (?) q2 que mal. y en lo que va ahora el manga terrible D; ! Saludos! y sorry por comentar aqui xD es que me tente! :*

  13. I could not help but see the holes pecked in the side of the mountain. They look like wooden rails would be stuck in them. Any idea how they were made or for what purpose?I invite you to stop and look at my Canon camera photographs. They are some of the best I can or have taken.

  14. You’re welcome, Sophronia. Thanks for reading. I hope your VCFA experience is a good one. Looks like I may be joining the faculty there for the fall semester, at least. Bob Vivian is a wonderful practitioner of the lyric essay. My plan is to indeed do the posts from my nonfiction workshop this coming Spring Quarter. Happy writing!

  15. They didn't attach obama's birth certificate, they attached a printed copy of it. So really everything they base this on is false.That wasn't obama's birth certificate. See, in Georgia, his BC was identified as that online mess. Obama didn't object, and so that is precedent.So everything Illinois ruled based on a printer copy is faux. On top of the fact that they can't define a NBC or they nail their own balls (or labia) to the cross.

  16. Good day! I could have sworn I’ve been to this blog before but after browsing through some of the post I realized it’s new to me. Anyhow, I’m definitely delighted I found it and I’ll be bookmarking and checking back frequently!

  17. Lisa – For some reason, I thought you wanted our favorite quote you’ve already put on the blog. Er, yes. I should read more closely.How about this one?When you were born, you cried and the world rejoiced. Live your life so that when you die, the world cries and you rejoice.

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  19. I don't understand how this reality fits with the "thoughts" of Farzad Mostashari MD, ScM, ONCHIT Coordinator, who speaks of the safety and effectiveness of HIT in an interview posted on HIStalk. Sad. The ONC listens only to feedback from the HIT zealots. Farzad dismisses dissent on HIT as did Dr. Blumie. Anecdotes.How does Farzhad come off talking on the safety and effectiveness of HIT when it has never been studied in situ? Anecdotes? or Kool aid?

  20. Every family has its quirks … what drives me crazy is the drama! My sister, my mother, my in-laws, etc! But it is usually petty and that is what leads me to what I love the most about them; no matter what, when or why, they are always there for me. Very supportive, loving and caring!i have read all the books in the Virgin River series as well as many other nurses I work with … Robyn Carr makes us turn our break room into Jack’s Bar! LOL!! Thanks for the sneak peek at Patricks story!

  21. já si spíš myslím, že nám tím dává možnost si uvědomit jak přestřelené jsou antiČSSD pressfobie některých masmédii. Čili máte tu dva extrémy, kdy v obou se presentují fakta, ať je to tento blog nebo např. LN. Validita informací se rovná a je na vaší inteligenci aby jste si obojí profiltroval a vytvořil realistický pohled. Taková ta poměnka a zapoměnka by se ve školách fakt asi učit měla.

  22. Vaya bizcocho mas indecente!!!!!Las fotos te han quedado geniales y la receta me la llevo porque la haré seguro ymas con harina de espelta que me gusta mucho y es mucho mas digestiva….no sabia lo de la harina molida a la piedra, gracias por la información….ah!!!y lo del agua hirviendo totalmente nuevo…a ver como sale la cosa…je jebeeeesos

  23. Interesting. It does seem that white-guilt and white self-hatred had already spread among the euro elite after WWI, but maybe it took WWII to spread to the middle classes. The elite intellectuals of the inter-war period were pretty convinced that WWI showed the utter moral bankruptcy of the west and the white man.

  24. What a great idea! That Monday discounted tasting menu looks like great value as well I like the idea of fusion but haven’t really sampled it too much. The closest I’ve probably come would be Tetsuya’s for French-Japanese and I did really enjoy the food there, probably worth while doing some more exploring

  25. Det er da bare så lekkert alt det nye dere har fått til:) Liker vinduet dere har satt inn, og dekor fra barna er jo det aller, aller fineste:)Spisestuestolene har vi maken til, hvis de har skinn foran og bak på ryggen i tillegg til setet:)Fineste kurvstolen:)Klem Trine:)

  26. co pisalem , w innych watkach czy system wedlug teorii SA w ogole pozwolilby na taki kryzys i wygenerowanie takiej ilosci kapitalu, kapitalu wzietego , jak mowi Ron Paul za kazdym razem – „z czystego powietrza”…

  27. Se, että kirjassa on jotain uutta; kekseliäitä reseptejä, raaka-aineiden uutta yhdistelyä tms. Nykyään kiinnitän myös huomiota siihen millaiset sivut kirjassa on, mattapintaiset ovat parhaita, että keittiön valoissakin näkee lukea ilman heijastuksia. Ja tietysti valokuviin, niitä saisi olla joka ohjeesta ja kivasti stailattuina!

  28. Actually, by showing their collectivist mindset, they demand a collectivist retaliation.You don't target two muslims for crimes committed in the name of islam. You target all of them, indiscriminately, until they collectively beg for mercy.Failing to realize (or remember) that simple truth is why non-muslim countries have been treading the path of defeat for decades now.

  29. But was the monkey masturbating? If he had trained the monkey to masturbate at awkward moments, the inspectors would have forgotten what they were about, and would have sent him on his way. Using the farce, as it were: These are not the masturbating monkey you looking for.

  30. LT Mitchell,Another falsehood. Bynum has been the Lakers Lakers best playmaker by definition since he has been doubled and triple teamed through out the season twice as much as any other Laker and besides from the first two weeks of the season has done a good job hitting open teammates. So your analysis about Bynum not being one of the Lakers top two playmakers is very much not true.

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  33. My wife has taken over the 360 with Skyrim, so I’ve been playing Kingdom Rush (an awesome TD game), Backyard Monsters (at Kongregate), and Cthulhu Saves the World (because I have amazing friends).

  34. Marian / I continue to be amazed by your level of authenticity and openness. It’s one thing to have this revelation and learning about yourself. It’s another to share it so openly with virtual strangers. I honour you and your contribution to me.

  35. I would like the old ratings box and recent comments box to be options for channel pages again. Please contact me regarding this. I have noticed that the MikeCampochiaro channel has the old ratings box, and I would like the two I mentioned above available again. The "recent activity" box pushes everything you say or rate out of the way to quickly, and is thus very irritating. Thank you.

  36. 11/11/2012 – 11:40pmuno mas, es fuera de juego. Creo que medio milimetro del moflete derecho del jugador del levante estaba un poquito mas adelantado, y claro, es una ventaja enorme porque como todos sabemos el remate de nalgas es el mas efectivo que existe en el futbol.Es olvidarse del espiritu de la regla del fuera de juego para defender un perjuicio inexistente.un saludo

  37. Ich hasse Drogen! Egal welche. Man wird abhängig davon, das heißt, man gibt sein ganzes Geld für sowas aus und wenn man nichts mehr hat, dann müssen andere Mittel und Wege gefunden werden. Es sollte noch stärker nach Drogen gefandet werden als wie schon bisher.

  38. The domestic vs international argument is just silly. I bet the majority of those who think Americans should adopt domestically have not adopted in that manner nor are they foster parents.Adoption is wonderful no matter where the child comes from.

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  42. hehehe, nie do wiary, kurcze niech ktoś wymyśi coś nowego, jest tyle innych gadżetów przy których można zrobić z siebie totalnego debila, a tu kolejny z miśkiem (Soryy Rysiuuuu) Trans Rysia są genialne, oglądam Go od początku i LIve bez niego to już by nie był Live:)

  43. My eating is a nightmare. It’s a good thing I don’t live by the “no eating after 8pm” way of life. I’d die. Sometimes my biggest meal of the day happens at 10pm :/ it’s just so hard to eat a proper meal when you’re running around for classes.I have to ask, as an aquafitness instructor myself, what type of movements are you doing for your pool classes? I just can’t imagine wearing crocs and not killing myself while teaching, I too may be considered a tad clumsy

  44. Awww Bella and Charlie are both super cute! Our pup’s name is Guinness (like the beer ) We don’t dress him up all the time, but he does have a football jersey we’ll put on him every now and then. He’s been at my parents for 2 weeks and I can’t wait to get him back this weekend!!Jen recently posted..

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  46. “And Walid, I can’t speak for Arabic women, but most of us who are over the age of 18 regard being referred to as “girls” as highly sexist.”Yes, for someone who is on here going on and on about the plight of Arab women I would have expected him to at the very least have the common sense to 1) not play the “man role” and explain what is going on with ME and 2) not call us girls. What a total idiot.

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  49. Hmm is anyone else encountering problems with the images on this blog loading? I’m trying to figure out if its a problem on my end or if it’s the blog. Any feed-back would be greatly appreciated.

  50. – I so enjoy looking at your blog! I love all the photos you post of Noah and Emilee, they are truly beautiful children… blessed by God! Thank you so much for sharing your lives with us all….!!! ~ Dawn

  51. I think I have seen a couple of those, but my memory is really bad for names. Will have to have a look and see. The French comedies I have seen are so bizarre. What is the one where there is no food and the boarders get eaten? Who is that weird little man who plays funny music on a saw with a bow?

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  56. Mais je n’ai jamais prétendu être neutre. Simplement, je suis accessible au doute, je n’ai pas l’esprit partisan et ai passé l’âge de jouer aux cow-boys et aux indiens. En ce qui concerne l’évaluation par compétences, je suis radicalement contre. Sans pour autant me sentir obligée de considérer ceux qui sont pour comme des ennemis.

  57. Might she already have one? A lot of the girls were going on and on about Whole Foods in the past few months, I think they did a big blogger outreach.

  58. Awesome !!!! THANKYOU for the finall answer to my frost bitten toes fingers and nose!!!! LOL! Whilst I sit in the lounge and people are sweating it out and im in ugg boots, woolen blanket and curled uup with a mug of hot tea… and STILL cant get those extremities to thaw out.. I now know!! Fab stuff Natasha .. thankyou! xx

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