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21 Mar

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  1. Can I ask very respectfully if you would consider yourself as someone with this basic shame issue? and also how many people would have it in this society (%) in your opinoin.Thanks.

  2. Glad you had such a good birthday, and especially glad you didn’t cook at all because you usually cook three meals a day. I know you love to cook and you are very good at it but you deserved a break!

  3. Even without the mass murders, female genital mutilation, filthy personal hygeine (mandated by Mo himself, of course) and general medieval attitudes towards just about everything, I could never have any respect or belief in a religion that hates that most noble animal the dog.Dogs smell better than most muzzies, too.

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  5. phooey! This is my first time to visit your blog and I’m having a great time. Your posts bring back plenty of good (albeit strange) memories of my time in Asia.As for this “traffic jam video” I would like to see a copy myself. Sounds like a riot!

  6. Great to have you back after the hiatus Jonathan…I agree that the breakdown will most likely be close to what you suggest. But it should of course be based upon production (unlike last year), as others have mentioned. I think it would still be nice to have a power back who can pound it at certain times. What do you think?

  7. When I want to get in touch with my inner Gluten Free Goddess, I close my eyes and try to relax. Then I imagine my Greek ancestors going about their daily work, in times past. I see them as strong, healthy and dedicated people. Most of the things they ate were Gluten Free. When I eat Gluten Free, which is always, I am going back to my family roots.

  8. …och genom att skriva till honom och tacka! Personliga kontakter är inte fel – vi behöver inte bli ense eller „vänskapskorrumperade” för det. OcksÃ¥ hÃ¥rda debatter blir ofta schysstare efter enskild kontakt. Jag börjar liksom diskutera med verkliga människor – som du – och inte med nÃ¥gon slags personifierad ideologi.

  9. I love this! One time I didn't have corn chips or anything to go with my spicy bean mixture (my go-to food/Mexican food craving fix) and I used lettuce leaves instead and now I do it quite often – so good! Also, I'm also surprised when others think it's weird that I love Mexican food… their staple is beans = perfectly delicious vegan food!

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  11. EPIC run!!! I love it!! And yes, after 9 miles? you just burned 900 calories – nom that smoothie! which looks/ sounds awesome btws, I’ve never tried the Green Monster but I always have a smoothie after my workout…I guess its time I lost my green monster v-card too!

  12. Noi abbiamo letto "Il mostro peloso" (di H. Bichonnier con i disegni di Pef) fino a saperlo a memoria."Favole al telefono" di Rodari è da più grandini, ha storie brevi e quindi ottime per le richieste serali: "dai mammaaa ancora un'altra storia,l'ultimaaa..":-)Per il piccolino ci piacciono tanto i libri con i buchi, indistruttibili, colorati e divertenti. Il preferito "Guarda c'è un buco!".Grazie Wonder per gli spunti, ma perchè non scrivi/disegni anche tu un libro per Polpetti? Pensaci…

  13. I decided to go indie in June and it's the BEST decision I have ever made. My book launched today–and I'm ecstatic. The support I've gotten by the online writing community has been exceptional and I couldn't be happier with my experience so far. And, the icing on the cake is I can go to my accountant at tax time and tell her I've actually made some money this year! (even if it is just a hundred bucks 🙂

  14. Parigi…ci voglio ritornare…noi avevamo dormito a Montmartre in un bellissimo albergo in una zona tranquillissima…veramente bello…ben tornata comunque…PS non ho quasi mai scritto però ti leggo comunque sempre e ultimamente mi sono data alla panificazione e ho seguito alcune tue ricette)Ciao da unavegan made in suisseMartaciaoooo

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  16. Thank you for sharing your story, Starshine…..I hope your family realizes how much your son-in-law’s sacrifice is truly mourned and appreciated . I hope you and your family, as well as his memory, are always treated with the deep gratitude and respect you deserve.

  17.   ChrImponerende at du klarte den tiden i den varmen. Jeg sluknet helt pÃ¥ 16K og hatet resten av veien inn. Folk lÃ¥ strødd langs løypen og pÃ¥ kunne de fortelle at 31 personer var innlagt som følge av varmekollaps.

  18. Hallo Barbara!Auch Dein 2. Video hat mir sehr gut gefallen. Einiges kenne ich schon aus anderen Vorträgen, dennoch der Elevator Pitch, an dem ich schon ich weiß nicht wie lange feile, der wollte nicht so recht aus mir heraus. Ich glaube aber, dass ich nun ganz dicht drann bin )Freue mich schon auf das nächste Video!HerzlichstGabriele

  19. they tipically go through about 8-10 a day and yes it does go down as they get older. but dont buy to many diapers of the same size because they outgrow them fast the first couple of months. good luck ! +1Was this answer helpful?

  20. Não vou no jogo quarta pois não estarei em Poa….Mas acho que o Gremio tá legal fora de casa…,, em casa a torcida tem de colaborar…Não simplesmente ir, mas ir com espírito de “vamos ganhar de 1 a zero e tem até os 45 do segundo tempo pra fazer”….E se der zebra, tudo berm, não é hora agora de vaiar ou esperar demais do time….Se formos impecáveis esse título pode vir mesmo…

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  23. No matter what you say, I like Laarni for she is real, in the sense that she will not be ashamed of what the people think about her, even if others told her that she’s stupid or whatever, all I can say guys is that, be matured enough to understand and discovered the other side of Laarni. Just respect others attitude so that you can begets respect. GOGOGOGO LAARNI………….

  24. You ever wonder how Frankenstein’s monster felt when the villagers chased him out of town with their pitchforks and torches? I have to believe it was similar to how Alex Smith felt when the 49ers were just “evaluating” Peyton Manning this offseason. Alex got poked, prodded and singed all the way on a plane to Miami. But instead of dying in a fiery smoke-filled windmill, Alex came back on the plane. Instead, it was I, Dennis, who got hit in the head by the crossbeam and knocked senseless. That’s not the way I wanted the story to end. I have a bone to pick with Mary Shelley.

  25. unclemelba: people come to the festival from literally all over, so just saying where it was taken means nothing. The local newspaper showed some children from Nevada and California…. if fact, the newspaper gave first and last names and the exact towns they are from. I didn’t.I respect your opinion, but since I gave no actual identifying information, I feel there’s little danger.

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  27. Yang membunuh general2 kita itu yang kejam, dan seharusnya pelaku2nya harus dihukum mati. Tapi orang2 desa yang disebut komunis yang semuanya menyerah tanpa perlawanan itu tidak bersalah. Kita akan merasa bangga kalau menghancurkan mereka komunis itu dng jihad saling ber hadap2an, tapi ini tidak.Lebih dari itu, kita adalah orang yang tidak berperikemanusiaanmemperlakukan mereka dng cara yang biadab.Semoga Allah mengampuni kita yang tersesat, sebagai manusia.

  28. Amusant commentaire, Toto, car il y a 30 ans on disait que Greenpeace était noyauté par les communistes et qu’ils ne s’attaqueraient jamais à la Russie ou à la Chine. La suite a donné tort à cette rumeur.Par ailleurs, doit-on vous rappeler que Greenpeace est né aux Etats-Unis, suite au mouvement « Don’t Make a Wave Committee », contre les essais nucléaires dans ce pays ?Arrêtez donc votre propagande.

  29. Once I initially commented I clicked the -Notify me when new comments are added- checkbox and now each time a remark is added I get four emails with the identical comment. Is there any manner you possibly can remove me from that service? Thanks!

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  37. 2 and 5 hit me– we put blackout curtains behind our curtains in our bedroom. But then we had such a hard time getting up in the morning! So now we draw only one of the blackout curtains/curtain combos and use the regular curtain over the other. Works for us!

  38. Well…it’s certainly raining sh*t on BS lately, isnt it?You know, when a guy makes a Josef Goebbels comparision in the same email that he closes with little smiley faces I think we are looking at a credibility issue…if not a sanity issue.

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  61. Nossa, nossa! Que delicia!!!! Amo suas receitas amiga. So vi coco uma vez aqui em Moscou, mas se eu achar novamente vou fazer a receita e envio uma foto Beijossss

  62. Tammi – you are a wonder! Up on Lake Temagami, we are thinking of you and so relieved to read the positive report. I’m sure your vegetable garden is flourishing with the this summer’s sun and heat. Best to you, Craig (and Ballou!) from all of us – Sarah, Bruce, Nathalie and Amelia.

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  66. Great post, pics, etc… thank you! Btw, not sure if anything was disrupted at the funeral service, but traffic sure was on many streets (def need to work on that!) Rec'd one complaint about the funeral service (unclear if the person was there or not) and the rest were a few people “piling on” about the noise… which was one truck (not two as has been mentioned) honking his horn in support of the bike riders.

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